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The Teskey Brothers

There is something incredibly special about Warrandyte’s The Teskey Brothers. It’s not just the music they make, or their preternatural ability to conjure the spirit of soul and blues masters, or even lead singer Josh Teskey’s era-defying voice that seems to belong more in the Mississippi Delta than rural Victoria. It’s the fact that they’ve been hiding in plain sight, honing their craft for a decade, playing countless shows at the local pub, weddings and even a swimming pool, before making serious waves with their debut album ‘Half Mile Harvest’.

Completely self-produced at their own studio in Warrandyte, recorded live to tape and mixed down on an analogue board, The Teskey Brothers were trying to capture the humanity of their recordings, warts and all, making the listener feel as though they are sitting in the room while the band plays around them. And for The Teskey Brothers it is all about feeling. “If you don’t play it with soul, it’s not soul music, it’s just two chords and a beat,” says Sam.