The Handpicked Festival is quite literally our family backyard so we’re 100% committed and invested in efforts to practice good sustainable practices - ensuring our festival not only contributes to the betterment of the Langhorne Creek Wine Region…but also ensure we leave Grandpa’s trees and lawns is tip top condition!

Each year we therefore focus on launching or adopting new initiatives to help minimise our impact on the environment.


Reusable Wine Glasses

Working towards the end of single use packaging - together!

In 2018 we brought in a reusable plastic wine glass system where your cups can be returned, washed and reused, helping to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use on the day. You guys got behind us and the system worked a treat!

how it works

When you purchase your first drink at Handpicked you’ll be given the option of receiving your beverage in one of the reusable wine glasses for an investment of $3 which you can reuse over and over for the remainder of the day (don’t worry, we wash them in between drinks!) They act as a cutie patootie momento of the day too! Win win!


Bin System

Lets make waste to landfill a thing of the past!

In 2018 we partnered with the gurus at Australian Green Clean who are quickly making their way to be Australia’s leading sustainable cleaning and waste management company.

On the day look out for their trendy bins and make a conscious effort to put your waste in the right bin:



10c Deposits (cans, bottles etc)

Handpicked Festival Bins Reduce Waste

DIY Hydration Station & BYO Reusable Drink Bottles

Keep hydrated and reduce single use packaging!

Bring along your favourite reusable drinking vessel to refill from our homemade hydration stations dotted around the festival site supplying fresh, rainwater collected right here on our farm!

*Note - your reusable bottles must be empty upon entry to the festival.

Hydration Station and Water Refills Handpicked Festival

Wine Bottle Recycling Stations

We’re all for enjoying a wine on the lawn… just not on leaving the empty bottles strewn across the grounds!

Keep a look out for our big potato bin ‘Wine Bottle Recycling Stations’ on the day and help us keep on top of the amount of empty wine bottles on the ground. Plus - if you scribble your name on your bottle you’ll go in the draw to win a prize!

Wine Bottle Recycling Handpicked Festival

DIY Decor

Reusing items from the farm and just DIY-ing like a boss!

We take great pride in reusing items we find on the farm and turning them into our decor and theming items on the day. Everything from timber, doors, iron, haybales…you name it, we’ve reused it!

This came about not only due to budget restrictions…but we’ve got a lot of family who all want to help out with the festival so we’ve put them to work making, creating, building, reusing and pretty much just DIY-ing decorations like a boss!

  • Nanny’s made over 200m of bunting

  • Uncle Tim has built countless metres of recycled timber bars

  • Mum has crafted a heap of handmade and handpainted signs

  • Uncle Greg builds our impressive wine barrel bar wall each year

  • and thats just a few things!

DIY Handmade Decor Theming Handpicked Festival

Solar Lights

Handpicked is truly set amongst the big ol gum trees and a heap of vineyards…so we’re kind of remote. Which is great for two reasons…1. it makes for the most relaxing of settings and 2. it means solar power has gotta be our friend!

We therefore use solar to light all of our lighting in The Food Garden and Tent City.

Handpicked Festival Solar Lighting

Smart Camping

Donating leftover goods to charity stores

C’mon campers…smarten up. Please help us keep the grounds pristine by only bringing what you need and leave no trace. Tents, Blankets, Chairs etc are not a one use item - alternatively, leave your unwanted goods at our donation stations where we’ll proudly pass them on to our local charity store on your behalf.


Scouts SA Recycling Centre

From day dot we have loved being a part of Scouts SA Recycling Centre, a program that helps keep our event green and clean while supporting Scouts and the great work they do in our community.

So see if you can spot one of our future little leaders pottering around our festival grounds…they’ll be sure to let you know a thing or two about being green and clean!

Handpicked Festival and Scouts SA Recycling Centre